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Mason Jar Layers

Glass mason jars are a great eco-friendly way to pack a nutritious meal or snack. Use them for salad, parfaits, scrambles, smoothies...just about anything that will fit!

Some tips when making your next mason jar creation...

  • Salad
    1. Place the hearty ingredients on the bottom with your dressing - this would be your beans, quinoa/grains, proteins. That way they can marinate in the dressing without becoming soggy.
    2. Place your non-starchy vegetables (most things but potatoes, corn, peas, etc)
    3. Finally, add your lettuce leaves (I love arugula). Place the cap on and refrigerate until meal time.
    4. Shake your heart out to mix the ingredients together, then enjoy!
  • Yogurts/Parfaits
  1. Layer the jar with the driest and loosest ingredients on the bottom - this would be your slivered almonds, granola, etc
  2. Add your 2% plain Greek yogurt, or low-fat plain yogurt next
  3. Add fresh berries for some natural sweetness then dig in!