Nutrition a la Carte

Your wellness. Customized.




Lauren loves food, as most dietitians do, so to her it’s important to find the balance between what your mind wants (processed foods, comfort foods) and what your body needs (healthy fats, lean protein, fruits and vegetables). She does not believe in a one-diet-fits-all approach — every body is different and needs different care. That’s why she developed Nutrition a la Carte. People deserve customized attention to their health and should be able to choose what works for them and their lifestyles (like you would from an a la carte menu) with the guidance of a Registered Dietitian.


Providing information to new clients is just one aspect of changing your life for the healthier. There are so many aspects to nutrition that people are unaware of, and it is Lauren's pleasure to take all the information and research available and provide that to you in a way you can understand. Some important exercises you will go over with her include, but are not limited to, reading food labels, basic nutrition knowledge (carbs, protein, fat), basic food preparation skills, etc.


As a foodie, Lauren has developed a great passion for cooking. She truly believes that basic culinary skills are essential for anyone aiming to live a healthier life. That is why teaching these skills is necessary. Being able to easily navigate around your kitchen will give you the confidence to make quick, nutritious meals and snacks for you and your loved ones.


No matter your diet history or relationship with food, Lauren provides a judgement-free environment for all of her clients. Every session is completely confidential with no identifying factors being shared with other healthcare professionals. Her priority is her clients’ comfort, so that you can trust her to take you on a new journey towards overall health and wellness.